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July 5, 2020

I'm compiling a list of all the cigar manufacturers in Davenport, Iowa. The earliest cigar factory in Davenport started in 1854. 

Fred Gremmel made cigars into the 1960's. 

Encyclopedia Dubuque (Iowa) has a very nice web page on cigar manufacturers in Dubuque.

Blog Entry

May 25, 2020

I added a web page listing all the Ottumwa, Iowa cigar manufacturers from 1871 to 1953. The names of the cigar factories are listed along with approximate dates of operation and brands of cigars made. Yeah, it's a long list. There are some links on the page to more information.

Third Blog Entry

May 21, 2020

Working on the fifth edition of  "Cigar Making in Ottumwa, Iowa: An 83 Year History." The book currently has 254 pages of colorful pictures, maps, bios, and first-person interviews.

I'm always looking for pictures of cigar boxes from Iowa, and especially, from Ottumwa, Iowa.

My Second Blog Entry

May 17, 2020

Newspapers 125 years ago were full of advertisements for cigars. Most cigars sold for 5 cents. The fancier cigars sold for 10 cents. The Bill Dugan cigar was made by the Rosenthal Brothers in New York City.  J. W. Edgerly & Co. was the Ottumwa, Iowa distributor. This ad appeared in the Ottumwa Courier Newspaper on May 2, 1903.

My First Blog Entry

May 12, 2020

Got the web page up and running. Adding content will take some time. I started the web page with a cigar brand called "One Thirty" because it matches my domain name. The One Thirty cigar was made in Davenport, Iowa by the Carl L. Wollenberg Cigar Factory. The factory produced cigars from 1896 to 1930.